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For a detailed astrological event chart and information about the channeling of Starlight energy, click here.

Testimonials from Starlight students:

  • On January 24, 2010, I the following account was given by a person who observed the Starlight energy in a session: "I see the starry blue sky that matches the starry sky in your cottage. I see a blue spiritual being that dances and twirls a blue ribbon like a rhythmic gymnast. At first, it broke through the blue sky similar to the atmospheric interference of a space shuttle coming back into earth. The blue ribbon contains no writing. Its end pulls the astrological signs from Aries to Pisces. A new wave of intense energy is coming to each sign. Spiritual gifts will be awakened - sometimes in the blink of an eye."
  • On February 17, 2011, I received the following update from a new Starlight Master: "The Starlight Vibration Healing has been a major event in my life. Here some highlights:  The 4th level was held in reserve...when you passed it to me. Well the next day it came in during meditation with the Starlight energy. It was very hot like a laser up and down my hara line. It was very exhausting and overwhelming. It reminded me of what two levels of Cahokia would feel like at the same time."
  • On February 18, 2011, I received the following from a student who recently acquired the Starlight Level 2 attunement: "Being a little more than 3 days after level two, I have seen, felt, and traveled to some very interesting higher levels of thought. I know and I am learning the importance of a strong mind. I can feel an opening taking place from my higher self and within myself. For all that I have seen the last couple of days, I have learned that I have a lot [more] to learn. I have an increasing longing to create and to gain a deeper understanding of manifesting."
Other notes from students concerning Starlight Energy:
  • "Level one felt like a new level of energy coming in; Level two felt more like information being downloaded." 
  • "Two days later in more meditations with the Starlight, its energy linked with my Reiki attunements. I was sitting outside on my balcony tuning into its universal conscious energy and all of a sudden my back surged with energy between my navel and 2nd chakra. At the same moment I saw in my mind's eye the Raku symbol light up in Starlight energy. I could not sit back against the chair for a half hour, it was just too sensitive to touch. After this linking, the Starlight became more of a personal energy, meaning instead of that it's something that I work with, I have become more identified with it as an essence of my own personal energy. "
  • "I begin to feel the universe echo within me."
  • "A few days after my Level Three attunement, my crown chakra blasted opened fully and I saw the entire Universe open up to me."
  • Immediately following the Level one attunement, a student looked up me and said: "There are some people here with us who introduced themselves to me as the "blue" people. Who are the "blue" people?!"
  • "The day of the attunements I sat with the energy all day to really let it absorb into my system. I was given an animal totem symbol [as has happened with others], which I find interesting. For the first time in *****, I saw dragonflies. Three were hovering and spinning in a circle outside my balcony. When I looked up the dragonfly I noticed it's keynote was Light Power. A couple days later, when the Starlight linked with my Reiki energy, I saw a parrot. You don't see those around here. I wondered if someone's pet had gotten loose. I thought since it was such a unique occurrence this too must be a symbol totem. I looked it up and the parrot also represents Light Power."
  • "The way Reiki has rooted the Life Force Healing that I may carry deeper channels of it, the Starlight has magnified it and I'm carried on such a radiation of power. It's like the Starlight allows the Life Force Healing to manifest in more tangible ways."
  • "[With the Starlight energy] I zoom into different time periods from the past. I travel faster than the speed of light. I intuitively see living book pages rapidly turn (to my right). I can inject myself into any page . . . I intuitively see many time periods - no limits. I can enter in to any period at will. I can also stop the turning pages and enter into the future. It's the same process., but the pages turn in the opposite direction (to my left)."
  • "I feel most at home in the Starlight energy."

  • "I fail at describing to you the experiences I have had, but hope you catch a glimpse when I say my visions, memories, experiences, intuition, are no longer stuck in my head but have become a reality that has freed me in a way I wasn't sure would be possible as a human. Not only that but it has allowed a level of knowing in me to blossom and grow."
  • "All you have done in my life in the past had set me free, but your most recent offerings have allowed me to soar to even deeper levels of freedom. You have healed me as you have attuned me. I'll never be able to show you my gratitude enough."